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If you have an upcoming function that you want your guests to never forget, hiring a photo booth from Wonder Booth in Pretoria will help capture those memories for you. It can give guests a physical token of the gathering or function, which for a few, may be the main memory they have of the entire event! Pictures can be fun and senseless, yet they do make for a phenomenal souvenir from any sort of function. 

Photo booths are turning out to be increasingly utilized at events, particularly for those hoping to add something somewhat unique to their function. We offer photo booth rental services in Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng for parties, weddings, corporate functions, and considerably more. They are such a decent method to make your event an experience. It adds another component of enjoyment to your function. They can be a decent expansion for things like matric dances, and even group building or corporate functions. 


A photo booth encourages guests to get the opportunity to take that extreme selfie at a function. They don't need to do the photograph taking themselves, so there will be not any more obscured pictures or individuals edited out on the grounds that arms weren't long enough in the group photo! Hiring a photo booth in Pretoria is the ideal method to take a group photo, or individual ones, and they can be in any style that you need. 

How you have the photo booth running is entirely up to you. You could urge your guests to snap a picture as they show up, and afterward one as they leave, or simply leave it in one spot for guests to use all through the function, as and when they please. Photo booths can simply be left in a specific region of the function, and can be utilized at whatever point. So for functions that are somewhat more adaptable, as opposed to completely composed with formalities or specific amusements, guests can simply utilize when they need to, or when they see their companions that they need in the photograph. They're adaptable, and they're fun, particularly add some super cool props to every photo booth session. You could even have a few props that are customized to you, in the event that you hired it for a wedding for instance. 


A photo booth can be tailored to your requirements or style, and with props and extras, as referenced, it can be customized to your function. You can even consider green screens which can be loads of fun. Custom print-out templates and the ability to download all the branded digital copies online

Hire a photo booth in Pretoria, we provide experienced and friendly staff members to come set them up and break them down for you. They will also assist your valued guests throughout the event. Our booths do not take up unnecessary amounts of space, so we are sure that whatever space you reserved for the photo booth will work 

A photo booth is the ideal method of getting  a lot of photos of your function's guests making some incredible memories, so you can make enduring recollections. Get in contact with us at Wonder Booth to make reservations for your Pretoria photo booth and see how we can assist your function with being extra unique and enjoyable. 

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